Heartattack… wrapped with bacon.


Ok… admittedly this is over the top. However. If you like eggs, meat, onions and bacon… which I do. All of them. This is tasty, moist and pretty much the only thing you need for dinner. The idea of serving something with this other than mashed potatoes is wrong. Although if you decide to be wrong you go on with your bad self.

This is referred to as Ed’s Mothers Meatloaf at Nigella Lawson and it is fantastic.

You need…

2 Lbs of ground beef. Not lean.

4 Large Onions

5 Tbsp of Duck fat

2 Packs of bacon (16 slices)

4 Eggs

1 tsp Worcestershire sauce

Salt and pepper.

2 Cups of bread crumbs

1. Chop up the onions to small but not diced size

2. Fry them up in the duck fat till they go translucent

3. Hard Boil 3 eggs. Then let them sit cooling down peeled.

3. When the onions are done, take them from the heat and let them cool. Really. You’ll burn your fingers if you don’t

4. Mix the breadcrumbs, the onions, the other egg, the W Sauce and the ground beef together by hand in a big bowl. Add in a bit of salt and pepper, remembering that you are seasoning 2 lbs of beef here.

Now.. take half the mix and put it in to your pan. You can use a loaf pan or a big roasting pan… your choice here. Form this half in to a ‘loaf’ shape and then make a groove down the middle for the eggs to sit in.

Place in the 3 hard boiled eggs. Cover this up with the other half of the meat mix and form it all together.

Now… wrap that thing in bacon. End to end all over. Tuck the ends underneath the loaf to stop the bacon from peeling up. It’s going to be so good.



Bake it! At 200C for an hour. Then let it rest. About 10 minutes or so is how long I leave it before cutting in. Prepare yourself…