Roasted Chicken and Spicy Swede Chips


OK! – Roast Chicken is Roast Chicken is Roast Chicken. But doing it right is very easy and doing it easy is the right way to do it. Still with me? Less is more.

A thawed Chicken…. a bunch of veg, a Swede plus salt and pepper. Done. I usually do Carrots, Potatoes, Broccoli, turnips and some cabbage. (read about cabbage at the bottom)

Take a large roasting pan, and chop up enough vegetables for you / your family. I like to basically fill the entire bottom of the pan. Sprinkle a good amount of salt and pepper over all this. Then drop the chicken on the top in the centre. Really your chicken should come with the legs tied up but if not then do this.

I’ve seen a few different shows and such where people say put a lemon inside or coat the whole chicken with butter and all that but y’know what? Just sprinkle a good amount of chunky salt and pepper and it will taste fantastic!

Take that whole pan and toss it in your 230C oven for about 1 Hour and 20 Min. It will be brown, crisp and juicy.


Now for the Swede.

Do you know Swede? I didn’t. After having it I will seek it out again just to do these chips. A Swede is essentially a rutabaga. It takes a bit to cook it but is well worth the time.

Skin the swede then chop it up in to chunky chips. Put a light layer of Sunflower Oil in the bottom of a roasting pan. Toss in the chopped swede and then sprinkle the lot with Cayenne Pepper, a bit of Chili powder (not much), Salt and Pepper and if desired a bit of ground rosemary.

This then goes in the oven for the last 40 minutes of the Chicken time… They will go gold and slightly browned. They are spicy and scrumptious.


When you take it all out of the oven. Let the chicken stand for about 10-15 minutes before you carve it up. Really the best way to do this is just to get a for and tear it apart. Forget all that Dad carving the bird at the table junk, just rip it to pieces like you caught it with your own hands. It’s still going to taste awesome with a bit of that salty skin regardless!

Bit of White wine and you’re sorted.

*Bit of a nice trick, if you toss in a bunch of large chopped purple cabbage with the veg (make sure it’s on top) it will go crispy like crisps and is a nice mix with the roasted veg.