That’s a spicy Meat-a-ball! Gluten Free Meatballs

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My son was asking for the better part of two weeks for me to make meatballs. I finally relented after reading about baking meatballs rather than frying them. This works awesome by the way. Layout cookie sheets and place tinfoil over top covering the whole thing as these make a bit of a meat mess and it’s easier to throw out tinfoil than to scrub cookie sheets. Heat the oven to 190C

Really with any recipe like this you are scaling it to the size of your needs. I’ve written in what I used below.

2 1KG Packs of Ground Beef

3 Tbps of Garlic powder (or ground garlic)

1 Tbps of Celery Salt

1 Tbps of Cayenne Pepper

1 tsp of Chili Powder

2 Tbsp of Worcestershire sauce

4 Eggs

2 Cups of Gluten Free bread ground up to crumbs

1 Cup of chopped spinach

Basically… just put everything in a bowl and mix it all together until combined really well. By spoon this is about 5 minutes of good turning and mixing. I’m sure you could do this in a mixer too but I do everything by hand pretty much.

Once it’s all mixed up make loosely rolled balls of about 2″ and place them on your sheets. And really they can be really close to one another as these are not going to spread out like cookie or anything…. they’re meat.

Bake for 25 Minutes and then if needed use the broiler to brown up the tops a bit and give them a bit o’ the crisp.

Enjoy with whatever you want to enjoy them with. We had mashed potatoes mixed with creamed corn, carrots and broccoli.

*Note on the veg.. I don’t know how you do yours but I found that if I use my metal colander over the potatoes pot for the last 5-8 minutes I can put all the veg in then serve straight to plate while using the colander to strain the potatoes… again, less dishes.