Bacon Cheese Risotto


All Hail the Bacon!

Rice, Cheese, Bacon…. barely need to say anything else…


Ok – Here’s the deal folks. Make up some risotto using chicken stock instead of water. Then fry up some bacon till it’s good and crispy.

When the Risotto is done cooking…

Which by the way is:

1 cup Risotto (Well rinsed)

2 cups Chicken Stock (Oxo cubes yo!)

Put it all in a big pot, cover it and bring it to a boil (5 min) then reduce to lowest heat for 5 more minutes.

Turn off the burner and leave it for 15 min. All done. EASY STUFF! (I used to burn a lot of rice)

Then add the bacon and about a half (150g) cream cheese. Mix it all up.

Add some peas or whatever you like too… we just had it with a bit of hot sauce…. Also – while this easy as pie meal cooks you can remember that it probably cost next to nothing, feeds four easy and you could do the dishes while it made itself.

Or juggle some apples and accidentally drop one in the bacon pan sending things flying everywhere… y’know… if that works for you.