Victoria’s Spongey Bits


So there’s this Royal cake bake happening at my work Tuesday and I’ve been asked to contribute something… royal. I’m from the colonies, the most royal Canadians have is Crown Royal! So I though that a Victoria Sponge Cake would be an ok showing for this… Here’s how I’ve put it together.

PreHeat to 190C

200g caster sugar (I actually used regular white sugar but it was a little granular)

200g softened butter (NOT MELTED)

4 eggs

200g self-raising gluten free flour (I used Dove’s farm White Self Raising)

1 tsp baking powder

2 tbsp Whole Milk

Just mix the whole lot together in a bit bowl until it’s creamy. Bake those in Silicone muffin cups for just about 20 minutes, they will be golden.

Make up the icing,

100G Soft butter – again not melted

250G Icing Sugar (possible you’ll need a bit more… I went to about 280 to get the thicker consistency I wanted)

1/2 Tsp of Vanilla

Take one cake, spear the top with Icing, then add a blob of your favorite jam. Slam another one of these badboys on top and enjoy!

Notes: I would recommend doing a brief experiment with one muffin cake first to get the height right. When I did my first ones they were about 1 Inch tall… well that with jam and icing and another 1 inch cake meant it was HUGE! (See pic above) My second batch I just put about 1 cm of batter in the cup and they came out perfect. Granted they are still cooling so I have not made/photographed them yet….. and we already ate the other batch of 6….. yeah. AWESOME!